Metal detector finds £1m treasure

The discovery was made in a field inStirlingusing a metal detector

An amateur treasure hunter has unearthed ancient gold jewellery from a field nearStirlingusing a metal detector. The rare artefacts, which could be valued at more than £1m, are thought to date from between the 1st and 3rd Century BC. The treasure hunter, whose identity has not been revealed, found four neckbands or "torcs", made of twisted gold. A similar one found in Nottinghamshire in 2005 sold for £350,000 at auction. The Scottish Archaeological Finds Allocation Panel will now value the latest discovery, according to the Daily Record. A spokesman for the National Museums ofScotlandsaid: "There has been a significant find."


Under Scots law, the Crown can claim any archaeological objects found inScotland. Finders have no ownership rights and must report any objects to the Treasure Trove Unit. However, the man may receive a reward equal to the value of the jewellery. 


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