About Supereye

With over 15 years of experience and a manufacturer facility , supereye(China) is a major designer and marketer of the metal detector; fish finders and hunting products in the world. If you are online dealer/reseller, we can do drop shipping for you so you do not need to stock the goods and have no financial risk or extra cost.

Our Fish finder vary from portable to deluxe camera system, giving you accurate fish location and vivid pictures underwater! It is the ideal assistant for fishing.

For the metal detector, a list of our distinguished product features and patents keep our company standing out in the competition of the market. Our metal detector features precise LCD readout of target and depth; four-level metal discrimination, optional rejection of low-value targets and auto ground balance. All the features are combined in the lightweight, rugged and ergonomic housing. 

So no matter you are coin shooting or gold prospecting, searching for jewelry or buried relics , SuperEye metal detectors are your best choices for today's treasure hunter. They are the most affordable with high performance to price/cost ratio! 

Even though it's been resting at the bottom of the water for centuries, buried in a deep ground for decades or lost in the park only yesterday, treasure can be found with a SuperEye Metal Detector wherever it is. 


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Contact: Ms Zhang

Phone: 18616305822

Tel: +86 21 6427 8640 * 115

E-mail: zhangyumin@kingstronic.com

Add: Floor 2nd, 108 Nandan road, shanghai, China.

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